Marilyn TechniColor & Street Art

Marilyn TechniColor & Street Art

Halloween Gifts! Original & Unique Works by Awesome Artists!

Halloween Gifts! Original & Unique Works by Awesome Artists!

The Philadelphia Museum of Art: The Surrealists

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My husband for the first time since moving to Philadelphia expressed interest in seeing a specific exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art – “The Surrealists”. I was thrilled at the suggestion and we enlisted a couple, some friends from New York, to accompany us on this wonderful excursion. I’ve picked out some of my favorites that I found particularly compelling to share, such as the Miro piece above. Surrealism seems to be one of those genres that you either love or could do without. If you love it like I do, check out the masterpieces below.

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Cute and Fun! For Kids and Babies

Cute and Fun! For Kids and Babies

ORANGE! Adventure and Social Communication!

The color Orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow.

Orange relates to ‘gut reaction’ or our gut instincts, as opposed to the physical reaction of red or the mental reaction of yellow.

Orange offers emotional strength in difficult times. It helps us to bounce back from disappointments and despair, assisting in recovery from grief.


Here’s a selection of some Products with my Designs having Orange as most important Color!

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Black Kitty Cartoon With Witch Hat iPhone 6 Case – Redbubble Shop

Fast Food Hamburger Fries and Drink T-shirts – Redbubble Shop

Keep Calm and Geek on! Cartoon Cat – Tote Bags – Society6 Shop

Tiger at rest – Mugs – Society6 Shop

Wild Animals on African Savannah Sunset Neoprene Lunch Bag – Cafepress Shop

Hypnotic Orange Virtual Circles iPhone 6 Cases – The Kase Shop

Halloween Skull and Pumpkin Postcard

Halloween Skull and Pumpkin Postcards – Zazzle Shop

Orange aids in the assimilation of new ideas and frees the spirit of its limitations, giving us the freedom to be ourselves. At the same time it encourages self-respect and respect of others. :)

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RED! Energy, Passion, Action

RED! Energy, Passion, Action

Wild Red Abstract