The Namaste Om Ohm Aum Yoga Symbol

Namaste is a common spoken valediction or salutation originating in the Indian Subcontinent. It is a customary greeting when individuals meet, and a valediction upon their parting. A non-contact formof salutation is traditionally preferred in India and Nepal; Namaste is the most common form of such a salutation.

Namaste is derived from Sanskrit and is a combination of two words, “Namaḥ” and “te”.

This is my original Design of the Symbol, originally made on Vector Technique. You can find it on my Portfolios Fotolia, Shutterstock or 123rf
Portfolio FotoliaPortfolio ShutterstockPortfolio 123rf

I am happy to say here that my Design is having success also on my RedBubble Store, and I have therefore decided to present it here, applied to some of the products that you can find in my shop.

Click on the image you prefer and it will take you directly to the product!
T-Shirts & Hoodies

iPhone Case
iPad Case
Stationery – Greeting Cards
Kids Clothes

…And more! 🙂

Thank You for stopping by! ‘Till Next Post!

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