Exotic and Colorful Birds – Designs / Illustrations

Toucans, Hummingbirds, Macaws, Paradise Birds, Pink Flamingos!

Here are some of the Designs I made, inspired by these Beautiful Creatures!

You can find them all on my Portfolio ADOBE STOCK, on this Gallery 

All illustrations, designs, photos on Gallery are under exclusive © BluedarkArt

This Toucan is my Bestseller:

Tucano Vegetazione Tropicale-Toucan on Tropical Plants-Vector

The Macaw Cartoon is also one of my Bestsellers:

Macaw Cartoon with Brazil Flag Colors

Heron Shape on Stunning Sunset-Airone nel Tramonto

Pink Flamingos on Tropical Sunset-Fenicotteri Rosa nel Tramonto

Here is a Stylized Fantasy Paradise Bird:

Uccello del Paradiso Fantasia Astratto-Paradise Bird Fantasy

And these are my Latest Works:

Hummingbird and Red Hibiscus

Hummingbird and Hibiscus Batik Pattern

Come visit my Portfolio HERE!

Thank You for stopping by! 🙂

All illustrations, designs, photos on Portfolio are under exclusive © BluedarkArt – Licenses are available for sale

6 thoughts on “Exotic and Colorful Birds – Designs / Illustrations

    • ♥(ツ)♥ So Happy to see Your Lovely comment, My Friend!!! As Always You make me feel so proud of my Works! Thank You, Sweet Sherri!!! Big Hugs to You ♥(ツ)♥


  1. Hi Blue my sweetie friend your blog is so fun, love to come in and see all the goodies.. you are so remarkable..I honestly know you know..hehe but it is so true..you are really something else. I went to one of your other blogs the other day..don’t remember which one it was. been off from redbubble..my birthday is this week..another year ..I sure it is better then last year.
    I did meet a good friend last ..thank you so much blue your the best.


  2. ♥(ツ)♥ Your Birthday!!! this week 🙂 ? Weel, I don’t know the day, so, Happy Birthday for all the Week 🙂 , my Sweet Sherri!!! ♥(ツ)♥ For sure it will be better than last Year! I Send You my Love to You and all Your loved one! ♥(ツ)♥


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