Recent Sales on Zazzle




Thanks so much to the Persons who bought these Zazzle Products with my Designs! It makes me feel very proud that Someone, Somewhere is using or wearing them! 🙂

 Here are some of my latest Sales on Zazzle.
Click on the Animated Gif Image below and You’ll be redirected to my Zazzle Shop! 🙂



Recent Sales on Zazzle



Thanks a lot for stopping by! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Recent Sales on Zazzle

  1. How my best salesperson ever..your great but so well deserved the sales you get..You work so hard and still take the time to share or like..your remarkable dear Blue and a big congratulations to you ..have a super weekend, sweet kind dear friend


    • ♥◠‿◠♥! Hi, Sweet Sherri!!! ♥◠‿◠♥!
      ♥Woo♥! You’re spoiling me, my Dear Friend, with all the likes on my posts, and with all your lovely words! But, as you say, my work is increasing, and I feel a little guilty because I can’t be present as I would like in social networks, for the moment… o.O OhhI would like to have 48H in a day! haha 😀 !
      You know, I’m trying to work so hard because my goal is to go back Home, on warm climat, finally! After twenty years in the European climate, I’m really tired of living here, and this climate has become unbearable for me !
      I really admire you, my Dear Friend, for your life force, for your kindness always, for your positivity in spite of everything! You are an example to me. Sherri! 🙂
      I wish you a sweet weekend, Dear Sherri, serene and full of sunshine and creativity 🙂
      ♥You and Michele always on my Heart♥
      Big Huggs 🙂


      • Oh Blue, you great I sure wish homebound soon. You such a favorite person not to many are like you. you have never forgotten me and Michele, my other friends have, but through my life I am use to it. but I am the kind of person as you I never forget loyality…It is so important to me. with all you have going dear blue, you still take your time for me..I can never forget that.
        I so wish always the best of everything..can ask you were your home is and were it is you live in Europe? I never want to interfere in your privacy Blue.
        Somehow my dad without knowing taught me in his own way to stay up when everything is falling apart. I wish I could him that…and actually I have even if he is in heaven. of course there is a long story behind that sentence.
        I work so hard and yet really don’t sell much..that is another reason why I admire you and your amazing strength. there are so many things I admire about you. Oh dear blue I have to go .
        thank you my dear friend for such a wonderful note..lots of hugs and your in our hearts to..always


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