Interview with Women in Microstock

Women in Microstock – Fotolia Italia

Following our recent posts about International Women’s Dayhow women are represented in stockand how the freedom and flexibility of a stock career has helped many women, we were lucky enough to speak to a trio of successful Fotolia contributors in Italy, all of whom happen to be female…


Luisa Venturoli is a Silver-ranked contributor with Fotolia – view her portfolio here


Fotolia: How does working as a freelance designer fit your daily routine?

Luisa Venturoli: For me, this aspect is very important. I am the mother of a small child, so it’s crucial for me to be there for her when she needs me and to handle the many daily tasks.

Creative production for stock agencies allows me to organize my working time in a flexible way.

Fo: How do you see your professional career progressing? Can microstock open the doors to other projects?

LV: Yes, I am convinced that a channel like Fotolia can be a great way to acquire more business. It’s a great showcase, providing fantastic visibility for professionals. I have been contacted several times by different parts of the world to work on commission.

Fo: What tools can you just not do without?

LV: My graphics tablet – for me it is essential to be able to draw on the computer free-hand as though you were using traditional tools, such as pencils.


Stefania Bruno aka Piumadaquila is an Emerald-ranked contributor with Fotolia  – view her portfolio here


Fo: How did you discover the microstock marketplace and did it take long to see some results?

SB: I first heard about microstock from a friend who is a graphic designer like me. In those days, I used to work on some satirical illustrations. My friend saw my illustrations and some of my post-production work on photos I had taken, and suggested I give it a try. After a short web search, there I was, jumping into a new world! I joined Fotolia, which inspired me the most, especially because of Lisa’s management – she’s always one step ahead!

It started as a game, with the satisfaction of seeing my images sold. In the beginning my images were very simple; I enjoyed drawing without other things in mind. With time my style and technical skills improved and I learned what customers appreciate most.

Fo: How does your job as freelance designer fit with your daily activities?

SB: I need mental space and time for the inspiration to hit me. Inspiration doesn’t follow any rules, it comes when it comes. The freedom from tight time schedules lets me follow the flow of my creativity without constriction. I can draw for 15 hours straight or take a few days off  from it. I think that wildness and creativity go hand-in-hand .

Fo: How do you manage all the commitments of your life, family, children, career, and home?

SB: This kind of work perfectly fits my lifestyle.  I am a biker and by nature have no fixed habits or scheduled times. I can manage my time as I prefer. Years ago, I founded a bikers club and this often meant days on the road or coordinating busy rallies, especially in the summer. So when I feel inspired I focus on my creative illustrations, and still have time for my other interests.

Sometimes things get mixed up, and that’s when it becomes interesting. My bike is also a source of inspiration – whenever I am stuck at my PC and lacking inspiration I can jump on my bike and take off. Sure enough, I will be full of ideas on my return. Ideas come from the sense of freedom that my bike gives me, from the colors of the sky.  Those are great battery chargers.


Bluedarkart Lem is a Gold-ranked contributor on Fotolia  – view her portfolio here


Fo: How did you discover the microstock marketplace and did it take long to see some results?

Bluedarkart Lem: Drawing and painting have been my great passions since I was a child. With my first computer I spent a lot of time learning to “draw” with some free graphics software included with the computer. It opened a whole new and fascinating world!

Eventually I decided to look for a way to make a career out of this activity, and after some web research I discovered Fotolia. I uploaded my first picture at the end of December 2008 , and made my first sale just a few days later ! Someone, somewhere had found my beautiful design and bought it!

It may seem silly to say but it was really a thrill for me! These were my first steps in microstock!

Fo: How do you feel before you take a picture or make an illustration? Where do you find inspiration?

BL: In general, I am impressed by colors rather than shapes, so quite often I start with a combination of colors and come up with a design, or a shape. When I’m at my computer I try to “fix” an image, otherwise I try to set down what goes through my mind. I often have what I like to call my best “flashes” when I cannot write down a sketch, so I go digging in my memory to rediscover those ideas and draw them – particularly, nature and animals!

Fo: Is there something new you would like to experiment with in your work?

BL: Among the many things that I would like to learn the one I find very appealing is 3D modeling. Actually, I’ve done some experiments here and there, and I am motivated to learn more. But vector graphics are my main specialty – and there’s a lot of room for improvement!

Fo: Thank you very much for your time, and we wish you the best of luck with all your careers in stock!


[Source: Fotolia Blog]


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