The Kase – Sales on July 2014 – BME

JULY have been better than June, and it became my Best Month Ever on The Kase!

I made 499 sales!

492 iPhone Cases & 5 iPad Cases

7 sales on Stores & 3 sales on the On-line Store 

I started uploading my Designs on The Kase on November 2013, 7 months ago, and I did my first 5 sales at the same month, and 17 sales on December 2013.
On January and February 2014 my sales have slowed down a bit because I’ve not been on-line for a while and could not work on sites.
I started again uploading my designs on the ending of February, and since that moment my sales started growing again!
Until now, with the Brazil 2014 Soccer World Cup, on July, I had my Best Month Ever! Better than June! 🙂

The last 4 months before July I uploaded some Designs with Brazil Colors I made for the Brazil 2014 Soccer World Cup, and 2 of these Designs became my very Bestsellers!

Many Thanks to ALL the Persons who Liked and bought these iPhone Cases with my Designs! They all make me feel very proud of my Works! 🙂

Toco Toucan with Brazil Flag iPhone Case -> sold 135 times (11 more than on June)

Brazil Flag on Girl Portrait iPhone Case -> sold 115 times (28 more than on June)

SOLD 135 times – My Bestseller!

SOLD 115 times

 …and here are some other iPhone Cases on my Shop:

iPhone Cases by Bluedarkart

…and iPad Cases HERE!


Visit My Shop at The Kase, Choose among over 347 Creations, and find the Smartphone Case or the Tablet Case You’re looking for!

Thank You! 🙂

An ideal gift! All The Kase items come with premium packaging.
Avoid shipping costs! Order online and pickup your products at one of our stores
Inform us about your telephone or tablet, and benefit from a unique selection just for your device.

Read More HERE, about The Kase!

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