From BluedarkArt…with Love ♥ Copyright©BluedarkArt

Here are some of my Love Theme Illustrations / Designs on THIS Gallery on Fotolia.

ALL IMAGES ARE Copyright©BluedarkArt    –     Licenses are available for sale.

Use them to give your design projects impact! Fotolia Royalty-Free Images include worldwide licenses which never expire!

Click on the images below, and You’ll be redirected to the Gallery where You can find and buy the image You need, the one You’re looking for!

♥Love Passion♥

Lovers on Fire

Love Couple on Red Vortex

Love Rose on Woman’s Breast


♥Psychedelic Love♥

LOVE Psychedelic Electric Neon Led Light Sign

Love Kiss on Psychedelic Heart

Love Hear Psychedelic Art Design


♥Love…Strange and Bizarre…♥

Cute Voodoo Doll Love Cartoon

Ladybugs in Love

Creepy Voodoo Doll Love


♥Cute and Fun Cartoons in Love♥

Fun Cat Cartoon in Love

Cute Teddy Bears in Love

Cute Little Birds in Love

Happy Cars Cartoon in Love


Click HERE to also visit my Entire Portfolio Fotolia – almost 3900 images for sale!

Thank You! 🙂

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

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