Interviews With Inspiring People: Meet Blue of BluedarkArt

Thank You, Gina! 🙂
☀ I am so Happy and grateful to my Dear Friend Gina Briganti, who interviewed me on her Great and very interesting Blog. Gina is a very lovely, deep and inspiring Person, I loved the questions She did to me, I loved answer them! 🙂 We both are connected with our Sweet Friend Sherri of Palm Springs., a beautiful Person and Artist!
❤ Thank You so much for everything, Gina! ❤ I can’t say how much I appreciate this! 🙂 ❤ ☀

I first encountered Blue’s art through a reblog of one of her designs by our blogger in common, Sherri of Palm Springs.  The vibrance, playfulness, and imagination of Blue’s designs drew me in right away.  In time, I discovered that Blue would be the designer who inspired me to start playing with design as more than an easier way around copyright drama in my blog posts.  Blogging has brought many rewards.  My friendship with Blue is one of them.

Blue is also the only designer I have purchased art from to promote my Natural Gifts book series.  Remember these?

Creatures Velvet Meets VectorCreatures Velvet Meets in The Dreaming

Saunders + Velvet with text VectorVelvet and Saunders’ First Kiss

The more I interacted with Blue, the more impressed and curious I became.  That’s why I asked if she would like to answer the ten questions.  She graciously accepted, and now we can all get to know Blue just…

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