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“Alien Mental System”

is a 3D Digital Art Alien Portrait‬, with bright light coming out from his ‪Brain‬, representing‪ Cosmic‬ Intelligence, ‪Open Minded‬ ‪‎Creature‬, with mysterious capacity of‪ Universal‬ Comprehension, and ‪Knowledges‬ unknown by Humans.

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Alien Mental System – 3d Digital Surreal Art

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The “Alien Mental System” Design landed on BluedakArt’s Cafepress Shop!

The “Alien Mental System” 3D Design landed on

BluedakArt’s Cafepress Shop!

Alien Portrait, with bright light coming out from his Brain, representing Cosmic Intelligence, Open Minded Creature, a mysterious capacity of Universal Comprehension, and Knowledges unknown by Humans. 3D Digital Art © BluedarkArt.

Alien Mental System Throw Blanket

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