The “Alien Mental System” Design landed on BluedakArt’s Cafepress Shop!

The “Alien Mental System” 3D Design landed on

BluedakArt’s Cafepress Shop!

Alien Portrait, with bright light coming out from his Brain, representing Cosmic Intelligence, Open Minded Creature, a mysterious capacity of Universal Comprehension, and Knowledges unknown by Humans. 3D Digital Art © BluedarkArt.

Alien Mental System Throw Blanket

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Alien Mental System 3d Digital Art

Alien Mental System by bluedarkat – NEW 3d Digital Art on Adobe Stock.

Alien Portrait‬, with bright light coming out from his Brain‬, representing‪ Cosmic‬ Intelligence, Open Minded‬ ‪‎Creature‬, a mysterious capacity of‪ Universal‬ Comprehension, and Knowledges‬ unknown by Humans. 

Alien Mental System

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The “Psychedelic Alien Meditation” Patches

Psychedelic Alien Meditation Patches > Psychedelic Alien Meditation > BluedarkArt


“Black Cat Vintage Style Design” Men’s All Over Print T-Shirt

Black Cat Vintage Style Design Men's All Over Print T-shirt > BluedarkArt


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Psychedelic Alien Meditation 3d Digital Art

This Psychedelic Alien Portrait is my latest 3D Digital Design 🙂

You can find Him on my Portfolios Adobe Stock and Shuttertock

>>>>>>>>>>>> Here’s the image on Adobe Stock

>>>>>>>>>>>> Here’s the image on Shutterstock

Psychedelic Alien Meditation


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Alien Meditation on Rainbow Colors Wall Clock


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Psychedelic Alien Meditation Samsung Galaxy Case


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Psychedelic Alien Meditation Design on iPhone 5 Case

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