…This morning…The Magnificent Flight of the Frigate Bird, such a Magestic Creature 🖤 Video Capture ©️ BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt

...This Morning...

🌿 Hummingbird 💚 My Beautiful Tiny Friend is back ! 😍

Angel Fish Fantasy Aqua & Pink Character Digital Art

Angel Fish Fantasy Aqua & Pink Character Digital Art

Angel Fish Fantasy Aqua & Pink Character Digital Art ©️ BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt

This Fish is a black ink hand drawing I originally created for the INKTOBER Challenge 2020. It was the very first Prompt of the Month: “Fish”.

I recently decided to convert it in a Digital Painting. This time I completely realized it in my Smartphone, with the Medibang App. And I just made this little Video to show part of the Artwork Process 😊

This is the first step of the process I Follow to create a Design I will upload in my Shops, and apply it to the amazing products on sale in there.

And I’m always so proud, and happy, and grateful to the persons who decides to buy products with my Designs! 💗

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My original Drawing of the Angel Fish Fantasy, for the Inktober Challenge
My Digital Art Version of the Angel Fish Fantasy

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The Majestic Cheetah Resting 🐆 Watercolor ©️ BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt

Majestic Cheetah Resting 🐆 Watercolor ©️ BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt

Another old watercolor I did long time ago😉. Back in the past, ’till the early ’90’s. I was living in Venezuela. Nothing to do with Cheetahs😊😉, but I always loved painting my favorites “models”: Animals, Nature💚. Another Memory I love sharing here🧡.
Watercolor & Indian Ink🖌

Hugs to ALL the Artists and Art Lovers around our Wonderful Planet✌🕉☮💚

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About Cheetahs

The cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is a large cat native to Africa and central Iran. It is the fastest land animal, estimated to be capable of running at 80 to 128 km/h (50 to 80 mph) with the fastest reliably recorded speeds being 93 and 98 km/h (58 and 61 mph), and as such has several adaptations for speed, including a light build, long thin legs and a long tail. It typically reaches 67–94 cm (26–37 in) at the shoulder, and the head-and-body length is between 1.1 and 1.5 m (3 ft 7 in and 4 ft 11 in). Adults weigh between 21 and 72 kg (46 and 159 lb). Its head is small, rounded, and has a short snout and black tear-like facial streaks. The coat is typically tawny to creamy white or pale buff and is mostly covered with evenly spaced, solid black spots. The cheetah’s claws are not fully retractable or hooked, unlike those of other felines.
Four subspecies are recognised.

[Source : Wikipedia]

“Laying on the Shore” 🌴 Oil on Canvas 🌴 ©️ BluedarkArt

“Laying on the Shore”

Oil on Canvas Artwork I made when I was living in Madagascar. This Paradise Seascape is in Nosy Be, a little Island located on North/Western Madagascar. I was living in Antananarivo (the Capital), and used to go to Nosy Be for vacations😊🌴
Oil on small Canvas : 10cm x 15cm 🖌
Sharing Sweet Memories 💙

Happy #Sunday to You ALL !! ☮🕉✌🏾🌴🌈
Art ©️ BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt

“Laying on the Shore” 🌴 Oil on Canvas ©️ BluedarkArt

Jaguar in Green Rainforest Jungle Metal Prints – Art for Sale

Jaguar in Green Rainforest Jungle Metal Prints

Digital Painting ©️ BluedarkArt

I am the Jaguar

I am the Jaguar
The Spirit of the Jungle
Roaring louder
Than the rumbling
Of the Waterfall
My Voice is
The Sound of Wildlife
My spots are
The Eyes of this World
Wild World of Senses
Green World of Sounds
And I feel the Stars
From the Branches of my Tree
Like water Drops of Life
I am the Jaguar
The Spirit of Wildness
Sleeping in You

Poem ©️ BluedarkArt

Calabash Gourd for Maté, Traditional South American infused Drink, also known as chimarrão or cimarrón

Maté is served with a metal straw in a container typically made from a calabash gourd.

This beautiful object belongs to my Family since the ’60. From Brazil.

I want to share the photo, I took today, of this beautiful Brazilian Maté Calabash, a beautiful object coming out from my past💚, from one of my previous lives 😉 : In Brazil, in the middle sixties😊✌🏾🇧🇷

Maté or Yerba Maté also known as chimarrão or cimarrón, is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink. It is made by soaking dried leaves of the holly species Ilex paraguariensis in hot water and is served with a metal straw in a container typically made from a calabash gourd.

Yerba Mate was consumed by the Guaraní and Tupí peoples. It has been consumed in America since pre-Columbian times. Its consumption was exclusive to the natives of two regions of the territory that today is Paraguay, more specifically the departments of Amambay and Alto Paraná. Some ethnic groups that consumed it are the Avá, the Mbyá and the Kaiowa, and also, to a lesser extent, by other ethnic groups that carried out trade with them, such as the ñandevá, the Taluhets (ancient pampas) and the Qom (Tobas). It is the national beverage of Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay and is also consumed in the Bolivian Chaco, Northern and Southern Chile, Southern Brazil, Syria (the largest importer in the world) and Lebanon, where it was brought from Paraguay and Argentina by immigrants.

[Source: Wikipedia]

☮🕉🌈 HAPPY SUNDAY!☀️✌🏾💚

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