Fish Cuties – Graphics and Video By BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt

Fish Cuties Doodles!  

1…2…3…4…5 Little Colorful cuties! …and I had fun creating this little video!      

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Fish Cute Colorful Doodles


Germany Soccer Beautiful Girl Portrait – Design by BluedarkArt

BluedarkArt 🖌 TheChameleonArt

Germany Flag Football Champion Girl Portrait

The Vector illustration – Licenses are available for sale at FOTOLIA

Germany Flag Girl Portrait – Phone Cases

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Donuts Punchy Pastels Flavours, Set of 6 – NEW Vector illustration © BluedarkArt

Donuts Punchy Pastels Flavours, Set of 6

NEW Vector illustration © BluedarkArt / The ChameleonART

Licenses are available for sale at

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Set of Colorful Punchy Pastel Donuts, showcasing Color trends like Baby Blue, Yellow Mellow, Pink. Delicious and Creamy, and also with Chocolate


Vector art is created using vector illustration software programs, such as AdobeIllustrator or Corel Draw. These programs use mathematic equations and geometric primitives (points, lines, and shapes) to create art that is clean, camera ready, and can be scaled infinitely, without any loss of quality or fidelity.


All Designs on PORTFOLIOS are unique and under exclusive © BluedarkArt

SOLD! “Hippie Van Dripping Rainbow Paint” Wall Tapestries


“Hippie Van Dripping Rainbow Paint” Wall Tapestries

Design by BluedarkArt | Redbubble 

Thank You very much to the Buyer! ❤

Groovy Hippie Colorful Van, painted with Rainbow Colors Dripping paint, Flowers and Peace Signs, an Abstract and Surreal version of the Symbolic Peace and Love Car of Seventies! Design Copyright BluedarkArt. • Also buy this artwork on home decor, apparel, stickers, and more.  

  • 100% lightweight polyester
  • Printed top, finished edge, fine line detail and intense vivid colours
  • Cold gentle machine wash, line or tumble dry on low, don’t bleach or iron
  • Call it a wall tapestry or a wall hanging, it’s awesome either way

Source: “Hippie Van Dripping Rainbow Paint” Wall Tapestries by BluedarkArt | Redbubble


All Designs on SHOP are unique and under exclusive © BluedarkArt

“Brazil Flag Waving Silk Fabric” A-Line Dress by BluedarkArt | Redbubble

“Brazil Flag Waving Silk Fabric” A-Line Dress

Design by BluedarkArt | Redbubble Shop 

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Source: “Brazil Flag Waving Silk Fabric” A-Line Dress by BluedarkArt | Redbubble 

Digital Faux Silk Waving Brazil Flag. The national flag of Brazil is a blue disc depicting a starry sky spanned by a curved band inscribed with the national motto “Ordem e Progresso”, within a gold rhombus, on a green field.

The Product: 

  • Loose swing shape for an easy, flowy fit
  • Print covers entire front and back panel with your chosen design, by an independent artist
  • 97% Polyester / 3% Elastane woven dress fabric with silky handfeel
  • Note that due to the production process, the placement of the print may vary slightly from the preview
  • A-Line dresses are made in the U.S.A.

SOLD Hamsa Fatma Hand Amulet Pychedelic Stickers – Thank You!


SOLD!  Thank You! Hamsa Fatma Hand Amulet Pychedelic Stickers – Design by BluedarkArt

Our stickers are printed on 4mil vinyl using water- and UV-resistant inks– meaning no fading in the sun or bleeding in the rain. Two size options: 3″ x 5″ oval or 4.5″ x 7.5″ ovalAva

Source: Hamsa Hand Amulet Psychedelic Decal 

NEW! Purple Fox Spirit iPhone Case – Design by BluedarkArt | Casetify




NEW Design on BluedarkArt’s Casetify Collection! Cyber Whale on Ultra-Violet Deep Space Ocean – Phone Cases and More!


SOLD! Snowman Magic & Festive Cute Character Apple Watch Band by BluedarkArt

Many Thanks to the Buyer! ❤



SOLD! Peace Symbol Rainbow Dripping Paint Apple Watch Band by BluedarkArt | Casetify