At The Window – Donkey Portrait Watercolors Artwork © BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt

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At The Window - Watercolor © BluedarkArt

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Black Panther Spirit Roaring Vector Illustration © BluedarkArt | License SOLD!

License SOLD!

Black Panther Spirit Roaring Vector Illustration



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INKTOBER 2019 – Art Challenge – Day 1 to Day 14

Here we are! 2 weeks, following the Inktober 2019 prompts, day by day!

I was tagged by my Facebook Artist Friend @arianecorminboeuf, to draw the every day themes. At first, as I don’t have much time, I told her that I would try to follow some prompts, but due to the lack of time, I was not sure at all that I could follow them all.

Now, I have to tell her a Big Thank You, because ArianeC called my deep Artist Soul, and, on the last 14 days, I create a drawing for each theme of this amazing Inktober2019!

As I usually don’t have much time, in order to create the every day prompts, during these first 14 days, I woke up about 1/2 , 3/4 hour earlier than usual (at about 4h30 am). prepare my Coffee on my Thermos, and I go walking to reach my favorite place, a little beach of the Village nearby. It takes about 25mn to reach it. And there I start drawing the Theme of the Day. The Sea in front of me, the Sand under my feet, the Silence of the early morning, all this helps me creating. I’m back at work at about 7h30-8h00 am. And then I start my “normal” busy day 😉 … Sometimes, as I couldn’t finish my drawing in the morning, I finish it late on the evening… but usually I finish during the early morning 😊

Here are my 14 drawings, and in each one I give my interpretation of the Prompt of the Day. I used just blank paper and black pencil.

FIRST 14 Days : 

Day 1 – Ring

Day 2 – Mindless

Day 3 – Bait

Day 4 – Freeze

Day 5 – Build

Day 6 – Husky

Day 7 – Enchanted

Day 8 – Frail

Day 9 – Swing

Day 10 – Pattern

Day 11 – Snow

Day 12 – Dragon

Day 13 – Ash

Day 14 – Overgrown

Thanks a lot for stopping by! 🧡

Now, I will try to go on untill the end of the Month, to complete the Challenge!

But I can say that the last 14 Days have been very intense for me, and my mind was very very very active, wow! 😂😉 I’m very happy I could follow every prompt untill now! I wish I will be able to go on waking up at 4h30 am for the next 17 days!!! 😴😴😴😜😂………..


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Bird of Paradise Flower Exotic Nature Credenza

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Octopus Psychedelic Luminescence Poster made out of metal © BluedarkArtTheChameleonArt

Zombie Bloody Hands on Cemetery Poster made out of metal © BluedarkArtTheChameleonArt

Owl Zentangle Floral Poster made out of metal © BluedarkArtTheChameleonArt

Hummingbird Kiss on Floral Girl Poster made out of metal © BluedarkArtTheChameleonArt

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✿ Exotic Flowers Beautiful Bouquet ✿ Photos © BluedarkArt

🌺🌾💚 Bouquet de Magnifiques Fleurs Exotiques 💚🌾🌺

via BluedarkArt’s Instagram

Alpinias / Heliconias / Roses de Porcelaine

Pink Alpinia Purpurata © BluedarkArt

Red Button Ginger © BluedarkArt

Heliconia psittacorum © BluedarkArt

Torch Ginger Flower © BluedarkArt


🌾🌺🌱 heliconiapendula Digital Watercolor 🌱🌺🌾 🤗

Just having a little fun with true watercolours first, and then re-working with apps @medibangpaint and @photolayers_ 🌿 As I saw those amazing flowers just 2 days ago, visiting a beautiful botanical garden, I just keeped the wonderful athmodpheres on my eyes and on my soul….and then I created them on my way…just quick impressions🌺❤💚🌿

Heliconia Pendula © BluedarkArt

All Pics are unique and under exclusive © BluedarkArt

❀ Paradise Bird with Fire Feathers ❀ Work in Progress ❀ BluedarkArt Designer ❀

Paradise Bird with Fire Feathers Work in Progress

I painted this Paradise Bird [Originally with Oil on Canvas] many years ago. 
And now I decided to reproduce it on Digital Painting Technique in order to use it for Products on my Shops 🙂
Work in progress …. 🙂
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[Music: TchaikovskySwan Lake]

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Licenses Recently SOLD on BluedarkArt’s Adobe Stock Portfolio

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