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Aztec Warrior Mask Rainbow Colors T-Shirt

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“Hummingbirds Spirit” Collection – Vector Illustrations © BluedarkArt

“Hummingbirds Spirit” Collection

22 Original Vector Illustrations © BluedarkArt

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Adobe Stock | BluedarkArt Designer

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Santa Claus Exhausted Funny Character – NEW Vector illustration © BluedarkArt

Santa Claus Exhausted Funny Character

NEW Vector illustration © BluedarkArt

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Santa Claus Exhausted Funny Character


And This was the original ink pen drawing I did for the IG Inktober2018 Challenge

Vector Illustrations on Shutterstock

These are some of the 1,423 Illustrations © BluedarkArt

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Reindeer Drunk Funny Christmas Cartoon Character Surreal and Artistic Purple Fox Portrait, Poetic and Dreamy like an Animal Spirit Virgo Zodiac Sign on Native Tribal and Grunge Leather Frame
Funny and angry Evil Cat with Santa Beanie, still furious after distroying the Christmas Tree and ripped the "Merry Christmas" wall paper. Owl Christmas Santa Happy Face Character Halloween Spider Cartoon holding a Pumpkin

This is the video of the WIP (Work in Progress) of my 

Reindeer Drunk Funny Christmas Cartoon Character

to show how a Vector illustration is created: 

Here I’ve previously already created the parts of the illustrations, and now I’m assembling them to compose the Character. He looks almost sad at the beginning, but at the end he shows his real face! 😀 😉

Creating a vector graphics gives the deisign/illustration the opportunity to be displayed at its best quality. The end result is a crisp, clear, and readable image no matter what the final output or size! That means that You can enlarge the images as you like, without “pixellation” effects! 

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Halloween Night with Moonlight Chameleon Fantasy Rainbow Colors Purple and Pink Humpback Whale, Surreal Underwater Creature, Swimming among abstract water swirls and Watercolor Paint brush strokes
Sea Turtle and Sun Abstract Glitch Ultraviolets, vector logo, symbol of health, longevity and journey. Yin Yang Gecko Lizard Decorative Sign Gecko Lizard Ornamental Tattoo Style

Just SOLD a License! Doll Zombie Creepy Halloween Monster Vector Illustration – Thank You! 

I uploaded this Vector Illustration just a few days ago, and now I’ve already sold a License! Many Thanks to the Buyer!

Doll Zombie Creepy Halloween Monster – The Dark Side © BluedarkArt

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Doll Zombie Creepy Halloween Monster Vector Illustration © BluedarkArt 

And here’s the WIP (Work in Progress) of the First Doll, before her “transformation” on Zombie Monster!

Doll Creepy Halloween Cute Face

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