Extended License SOLD! “Baby Dinosaur on his Egg” Vector illustration © BluedarkArt

Extended License SOLD!

“Baby Dinosaur on his Egg” Vector illustration © BluedarkArt

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The ChameleonART Facebook Page

The ChameleonART Facebook Page


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All Illustrations, Designs, Photos on Portfolios and Shops are unique and under exclusive © BluedarkArt
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License SOLD! Cyber Whale On UltraViolet Deep Space Ocean Digital Art

License SOLD!


Cyber Whale On UltraViolet Deep Space Ocean 

   DigitalArt © BluedarkArt / TheChameleonArt​ | Dreamstime Portfolio 


Source: Cyber Whale On Ultra Violet Deep Space Ocean. Stock Illustration – Illustration of planets, animals: 106813759

✿ Exotic Flowers Beautiful Bouquet ✿ Photos © BluedarkArt

🌺🌾💚 Bouquet de Magnifiques Fleurs Exotiques 💚🌾🌺

via BluedarkArt’s Instagram

Alpinias / Heliconias / Roses de Porcelaine

Pink Alpinia Purpurata © BluedarkArt

Red Button Ginger © BluedarkArt

Heliconia psittacorum © BluedarkArt

Torch Ginger Flower © BluedarkArt


🌾🌺🌱 heliconiapendula Digital Watercolor 🌱🌺🌾 🤗

Just having a little fun with true watercolours first, and then re-working with apps @medibangpaint and @photolayers_ 🌿 As I saw those amazing flowers just 2 days ago, visiting a beautiful botanical garden, I just keeped the wonderful athmodpheres on my eyes and on my soul….and then I created them on my way…just quick impressions🌺❤💚🌿

Heliconia Pendula © BluedarkArt

All Pics are unique and under exclusive © BluedarkArt

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Cyber Whale on Ultra Violet Deep Space Ocean – by BluedarkArt

Gold and Blue Macaw Flying – by BluedarkArt

Sea Turtle and Sun Abstract Glitch Ultraviolets – by BluedarkArt

Ostrich Hawaii Fashion Funny Dudes – by BluedarkArt


Paradise Bird Fire Feathers ✿ Design by BluedarkArt

Paradise Bird Fire Feathers

Design by BluedarkArt | Redbubble Shop

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❀ Paradise Bird with Fire Feathers ❀ Work in Progress ❀ BluedarkArt Designer ❀

Paradise Bird with Fire Feathers Work in Progress

I painted this Paradise Bird [Originally with Oil on Canvas] many years ago. 
And now I decided to reproduce it on Digital Painting Technique in order to use it for Products on my Shops 🙂
Work in progress …. 🙂
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[Music: TchaikovskySwan Lake]

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Drawing, Sketching, Doodling… (◕‿-)

Recently I discovered a Cool App: MediBangPaint, and I had fun drawing and learning how it works 🙂

In some designs I created lately – as my Panda Baby Bear Cute and Happy – I used elements I drawn on MediBangPaintMediBang Paint

It’s a quite complete and intuitive App for quick scketches and Doodles, but also very complete considering is a free App for Window, Mac, Android, iPhone, with Layers, Masks, good collection of Brushes, Effects, and many other very useful functions that we, graphic artists and illustrators, use very frequently! 🙂

Here Little Video to show the App:

And here little scketches of mine:

I used this Bamboo Scketch for my Panda Baby Bear Cute and Happy  

Here’s is my Panda with the Bamboo Background:


This is the first quick scketch I’ve done of my Banana Chill was on MediBang. Then I re-drawn it because I wanted it to be a Vector Illuatrations:

The Original Medibang Sketch:

…and This is the Vector Illustration of my Banana Chill, which Licenses are available for sale:

Banana Chill Happy Summer Cartoon Character


And here are some other little scketches I did lately :

A vibrant Pattern

A Tree with Flower Flames

Our Dreamy Surreal World

Well, I am still learning about the multiple and interesting functions on the App, and…still having fun using it! 🙂

You can Download it HERE