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💙🌐 #Happy #earth #day! 💚🌐 👉🏾 https://stock.adobe.com/images/cuore-della-terra-simbolo-heart-of-earth-s-day-globe-symbol/42022327 ♡ Join my #Facebook 👉🏾 www.facebook.com/BlueDarkArt/ ♡ #earthday #happyearthday #motherearth #earthlove #eco #planet #greenlife #nature #mothernature #giftideas #shopping #artist #art #digitalartists #instaartist #artistoninstagram

Work in Progress – “Linked to the Earth

Hello World!🙂🌱🌿

This is a Work in Progress 🌿

Inspired by The Global Climate Change Week 2019, I started sketching (just pencil) this work;

…still thinking about the title…but it could sound like “Linked to the Earth”, or similar…Well, for now I’m still working on it…🙂….

Here’s the Work in Progress (Sorry for the low quality of the images…) ⬇️

…and some details ⬇️

Wishing a Wonderful and Peacefull Weekend to You All ☮🕉🙏💖

On Top of the World [Lonely Man on Mountains Landscape] ✱ NEW Vector Illustration

✱ NEW Vector Illustration © BluedarkArt ✱  

On Top of the World – Lonely Man on Mountains Landscape

Licenses are available for sale on Shutterstock

Breathy and Misty Mountains Landscape, the top of the World, warm and soft pastel color, and a lonely man standing, and watching the amazing spectacle of Nature in front of him.

I originally created this Artwork with Watercolors, and I recreated with the same colors and shades on Vector graphic Art technique.

© BluedarkArt

Source: On Top World Lonely Man On Stock Vector 739395961 – Shutterstock

Irma Hurricane passing far from Martinique – Sept.07.2017

Ouragan Irma – Ses effets passant loin au nord de la Martinique

Jeudi 07 Septembre 2017 , l’ Ouragan irma passait assez loin au nord de la Martinique, et se dirigeant impitoyablement vers la Nord Caraïbe…Malgré la Martinique n’ai vu que l’extrème périphérie de ce phénomène, on a eu des vents assez soutenus, quelques pluies à peu près intenses, et l’atmosphère était surréèlle, étrange…Par contre, malheureusement, St Martin, St Barthelemy et d’autres îles ont été dévastées sur son passage… Actuellement il continue sa course en Floride, où il est en train de répendre sa puissance dévastatrice….Je suis consciente de la chance que l’on a eu ici, en Martinique, et mes pensées sont constamment avec les personnes qui ont subit, subissent, et vont subir ce cataclysme…

Climate Facts: Hurricane Irma and Climate Changes

I decided to share here, a post from 350.org‘s Facebook Page. About #ClimateChange, #ClimateAlert; very interesting and instructive:

“Texas and Louisiana have barely begun recovering from Harvey. Now Hurricane Irma is whipping through the Caribbean and barreling towards the Florida coast. Climate change and hurricanes are connected, and we need to be talking about it. We need to act. #ClimateFacts “


and LIKE The 350.org’s FaceBook Page HERE

ABOUT 350.0rg:

Join a global movement that’s inspiring the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis.
Nonprofit Organization


350.org is a grassroots global movement working to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis—the solutions that science & justice demand. 350 is you, and the thousands of people like you who take it upon themselves to inspire your communities to action.

The views expressed in the comments of this page are those of the people making the comments and not necessarily those of the organization. 350.org is at 501c(3) organization and does not endorse candidates for electoral office. ”  



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SOLD Extended! Wild Animals Cartoon on Jungle :)

Wild Animals Cartoon on Jungle-Animali Selvaggi nella Giungla

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Mondo Globo Cristallo Blu-Crystal Blue World Globe-Vector
Pallone Calcio Brasile 2014-Brazil 2014 Soccer Ball-Vector
Mondo Globo d'Oro con Freccia-Globe Golden World-Vector
Pallone Calcio Sud Africa 2010-South Africa 2010 Soccer Ball-3d
Globo Bandiere-Flags Globe-Globe Drapeau 2
Pallone da Calcio Mappamondo-Vector
Globo di Cuori-Hearts Earth-Sphère d'Amour
Globo con Lente-Lenses and Globe-Globe avec Loupe 2
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