St Patrick Girl with Shamrock on Lips Wall Tapestry – Design by BluedarkArt


St Patrick Girl with Shamrock on Lips Wall Tapestry

Design by BluedarkArt



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St Patrick Gifts Ideas – Society6 Shop – by BluedarkArt Designer



St Patrick Gifts Ideas – Society6 Shop – by BluedarkArt Designer


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St Patrick Paddy Hat and Shamrock T-shirt

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Psychedelic Graphic Art Designs on Adobe Stock

How these Designs have been created:

All These Designs have been created on Vector Graphic Design Technique. Every little piece of each single Design, like in a Puzzle, have been assembled first to compose the multicolor circles and the multicolor drops; then, every single drop and circle have been patiently assembled to compose the entire Design 🙂

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Woman Psychedelic Art Portrait

Owl Psychedelic Popart - Gufo Psichedelico Decorativo - Vector

Shamrock Clover Psychedelic Design Quadrifoglio Psichedelico

Geko Lizard Psychedelic Design-Geco Lucertola Psichedelico

Snake Psychedelic Art Design-Serpente Simbolo Psichedelico

Butterfly Psychedelic Art Design-Farfalla Stile Psichedelico-

Chameleon Psychedelic Art Design-Camaleonte Psichedelico-Vector

Mask Psychedelic Art Design-Maschera Carnevale Psichedelica

Eagle Hawk Psychedelic Design Aquila Falco Sparviero pop Art

Psychedelic Skull Design-Teschio Psichedelico Pop Art-Vector

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St Patrick’s Day Designs and illustrations ©️ BluedarkArt

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular annual festivals in the world. While the biggest celebrations happen in Dublin,

there are plenty of other St. Patrick’s Day parties to check out around the globe. 

Here, I made a selection of some of my own designs about St. Patricks Day Symbols You can find on my Portfolio Adobe Stock. Licenses are available for sale.


St Patrick's Day Shamrock on Grunge Background

St Patrick Green Beer with Shamrocks

St Patrick Cartoon Character with Money on Pot

St Patrick's Hat with Shamrocks

St Patrick's Day Shamrock Grunge Card

Shamrock Clover Psychedelic Art Design

St Patrick Luck Golden Shamrock Symbol

St Patrick Shamrock with Dew Digital Art Pattern

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ALL illustrations on Portfolio are unique and under exclusive © BluedarkArt