Latest Sales on BluedarkArt’s CrushPixel Portfolio

Latest Licenses SOLD on BluedarkArt’s CrushPixel Portfolio

New Vector illustrations on BluedarkArt’s CrushPixel Portfolio

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Extended License SOLD! “Baby Dinosaur on his Egg” Vector illustration © BluedarkArt

Extended License SOLD!

“Baby Dinosaur on his Egg” Vector illustration © BluedarkArt

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Dinosauro Cucciolo in Uovo-Baby Dinosaur on his Egg-Vector


The ChameleonART Facebook Page

The ChameleonART Facebook Page


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Licenses Recently SOLD on BluedarkArt Adobe Stock Portfolio ✿ Thank You! 

Licenses Recently SOLD on BluedarkArt’s Adobe Stock Portfolio

Thank You!

Labbra Sensuali con gocce d'acqua-Wet Sensual Lips-Vector Viso Bella Donna e Mimosa-Woman Girl's Face and Mimosa Baby Dragon Cute Cartoon Shark Jaws Attack
Pink Flamingos and Tropical Leaves Vector Seamless Pattern Design Pappagallo Ara Cartoon Pannello-Funny Macaw Parrot Background

Vector and Digital Illustrations © BluedarkArt 

Frankenstein, Spiders, Pumpkins, Skulls!

Just a few days ago I uploaded two new Vector illustrations on My Adobe Stock Portfolio. A Frankenstein Monster Cartoon in two different versions:

  • In the first one Frankenstein is looking like playing with some funny little black spiders, as anyone else would play with pets 😉
  • And The second one is just the Frankenstein ugly portrait with some black Halloween elements on Background, as spiders, skulls and pumpkins.

Now I’m very happy to announce that I’ve already sold two licenses of these illustrations!

Many Thanks to the Buyer(s)!

Frankenstein Spiders Pets Cartoon

Frankenstein Spiders Skulls and Pumpkins


All Illustrations, Designs, Photos on Portfolio are unique and under exclusive Copyright © BluedarkArt

I Sold Licenses of these 4 Vector Illustrations on GraphicRiver! Thanks!

Many Thanks to the Persons who liked and Bought these Four Vector Illustrations Today! 🙂

Keep Calm and…Shark Jaws Attack!

Shark Jaws Attack

Woman Psychedelic Art Design Portrait

Doodles Icons Set

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