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BluedarkArt Stock Photos ~ Twenty20


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“Not until we are lost do we begin to find Ourselves” – Henry David Thoreau

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SOLD! Pink Lotus Bloom Postcards | Photo © BluedarkArt


Pink Lotus Bloom Postcards

Photo © BluedarkArt | Zazzle Store

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Pink Lotus Bloom Postcards – Photo © BluedarkArt | Zazzle Store

  • Dimensions: 4.25″ x 5.6″; qualified USPS postcard size
  • High quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides
  • Available in a semi-gloss or matte finish
Paper Type: Matte

The most popular paper choice, Matte’s eggshell texture is soft to the touch with a smooth finish that provides the perfect backdrop for your chosen designs.

  • Light white, uncoated matte finish with an eggshell texture
  • Paper is easy to write on and won’t smudge
  • Made and printed in the USA


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Le Flamboyant ✻ L’arbre qui s’embrase en Période de Carême [Delonix Regia] ✻

“Immobile brasier incandescent, le flamboyant déploie ses artifices à un moment de l’année où la nature entière semble dépérir. Comme un pied de nez à ses congénères, à l’instant où cette végétation tropicale, si verdoyante et exubérante semble se retirer sur la pointe des pieds avec les grosses chaleurs et la sécheresse qui arrivent. Le Carême marque le tempo. C’est ce qu’on appelle la saison sèche ailleurs dans le monde. Les herbes jaunissent, le sol se craquelle par endroit et la nature entière, dans certains coins de l’île semble brûlée par le soleil. Mais dans ces paysages qui souffrent à m’en serrer le cœur, les plantes trouvent leur voie comme toujours. C’est la période aussi où des fruits merveilleux mûrissent. C’est le retour des mangues par exemple. Et c’est la période de floraison du flamboyant qui comme s’il pressentait des jours difficiles, donnait le meilleur de lui-même, enfermant dans ses futures gousses les promesses d’un avenir meilleur, capturant dans ses graines, l’essence de sa vie. Dernier effort pour assurer la continuité de sa descendance, au-delà de cette période éreintante tant pour les hommes que pour les arbres.

A tel point que les ivoiriens ont un proverbe très imagé pour ça, que j’ai appris grâce au blog de Cannella (Sea, soap and sun) : « Quand le flamboyant fleurit, le blanc dépérit ». J’ai d’abord cru que c’était la beauté de ses couleurs qui éclipsait le blanc dans le paysage, mais en réalité, sa signification est bien plus prosaïque comme elle l’explique : tout simplement, c’est la période à laquelle les blancs immigrés en Afrique, avec les fortes chaleurs, commencent à souffrir et vouloir rentrer au pays !” [Extrait de “Le Flamboyant, L’arbre qui s’embrase au moment du Carême (DELONIX REGIA)”]

Le Flamboyant en Fleur

La Fleur du Flamboyant (Détail)

Les Gousses du Flamboyant

Your Exotic Home! Pillows and Comforters SOLD on BluedarkArt’s Society6 Shop

🌴 Your Exotic Home! 🌴


Gold and Blue Macaw Parrot Fantasy Pillows 


Tropical Beach and Exotic Plumeria Flowers Comforters 

on BluedarkArt’s Society6 Shop 

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The Dragon Fruit / Pithaya – 10 Surprising Benefits You Never Knew


Dragon Fruit / Pithaya – Photo Copyright © BluedarkArt 

1. Better Than Cheerios

Dragon fruit has an extremely low amount of cholesterol, which ultimately helps the body break down this fruit quickly, keeping you happy and healthy. It’s the perfect fruit to maintain your weight and satisfy your sweet tooth.

2. Heart Healthy

Americans have increasing problems maintaining cardiovascular health. Fortunately, this fruit has an amazing superpower that helps decrease bad cholesterol levels and replenish good levels. Dragon fruit is an excellent source of monounsaturated fats, helping the heart stay in great condition.

3. Fill Up On Fiber

To clean up your digestive system, eat a dragon fruit. They have a high fiber content, which can assist with poor digestion and constipation. Eating the flesh and seeds, which contain good protein, will keep your body fortified and satisfied.

4. Active Antioxidants

To rid the body of free radicals and cancer-producing properties, you caneat foods that contain antioxidants. Believe it or not, dragon fruit is giving acai berries a run for their money.

5. Fights Diabetes

The high amount of fiber in dragon fruit can ultimately help regulate diabetes, as it can stabilize blood sugar levels by suppressing sugar spikes. However, with any dietary changes or modifications, always consult your doctor to make sure this is a good food for you.

6. Reduces Signs of Aging

Eating a dragon fruit with its rich antioxidants can keep the skin tight and young. You can even make a face mask using the fruit combined with honey as a natural alternative to anti-aging masks.

7. Treating Colored Hair

Dragon fruit juice is an excellent agent for treating colored hair. By simply putting the juice or a conditioner containing dragon fruit on your scalp, you can protect your chemically treated or colored hair. This will keep the hair follicles open, allowing your hair to breathe and remain healthy and smooth.

8. Suppresses Arthritis

Arthritis directly affects the joints and causes severe irritation and immobility. Adding dragon fruit to your diet can help you fight these ailments. Dragon fruit’s benefits for people suffering from arthritis are so great that it’s commonly referred to as the “anti-inflammatory fruit.”

9. Avoiding Acne

This treatment is not just for teenagers. Rich in vitamin C, this fruit becomes a great topical ointment. Turn a slice of dragon fruit into a paste and apply it to your reddened areas on your face or skin, then rinse with water. For best results, use twice daily.

10. Soothe Sunburned Skin

By combining dragon fruit with cucumber juice and honey, you can create a compound much like aloe that can soothe burned skin. Abundant in vitamin B3, dragon fruit can moisturize sunburned skin and release heat from the affected area.

How Can You Make Dragon Fruit a Part of Your Daily Routine?

Tired of the everyday apple or banana? Go ahead, you get permission to pick up the exotic fruit because it’s so good it should be forbidden. Dragon fruit is so easy to eat that all you need is a spoon to dig out its goodness, similar to a kiwi. Or, you can easily bite it right off of the peel for a quick fix. One dragon fruit will suffice as a snack, but soon you’ll be craving more. Try some of these recipes that call for dragon fruit here.

Just remember, even though they look beautiful on your counter, they are much more than a simple decoration. Reap the benefits of dragon fruit!

Look at the “Purple version” of this amazing fruit!

20180720_174838 copy


Sold 2 “Blue & Gold Macaw Portrait” Note Cards – Thank You! :)


Wild Exotic Blue Paradise iPhone Case SOLD! Thank You! :)


Wild Exotic Blue Paradise iPhone Case SOLD!

Photography by BluedarkArt | TheKase Shop 

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Gold and Blue Brazilian Macaw Portrait

I just sold this Gold and Blue Brazil Macaw Portrait iPhone Case!

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Bright Sunset on Exotic Beach By BluedarkArt for Apple iPhone 5/5s

I’m so happy to announce that my “Bright Sunset on Exotic Beach” iPhone Case is my May Bestseller!

Today I sold this iPhone Case, on THE KASE, for the 12th time since the beginning of the Month!

This Photography is one of my favourites, and I’m so happy on thinking that many persons loved it, bought it, and now they are bringing it with them!

This bright sunset is full of love, peace, serenity, the feelings I had when I took this picture ❤

Thanks a lot to all the Persons who loved it and bought it 🙂

Bright Sunset on Exotic Beach By BluedarkArt for Apple iPhone 5/5s

Bright Sunset on Exotic Beach iPhone Case

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