🌴 La Plage en bas de chez moi 🌴💚

Quelques clichés de la plage en bas de chez moi🌴💚 Le matin tôt, vers 7h30 🌞

La plage en bas de chez moi – Photo ©️ BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt
La plage en bas de chez moi – Photo ©️ BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt
La plage en bas de chez moi – Photo ©️ BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt

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SOLD! 🌴 Tropical Beach and Exotic Plumeria Flowers Stickers © BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt

SOLD! Thank You!

🌴 Tropical Beach and Exotic Plumeria Flowers Stickers 🌴

Photo / Mixed Media © BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt

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SOLD! Ostrich Hawaii Fashion Funny Dudes – Beach, Hand & Bath Towels

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Ostrich Hawaii Fashion Funny Dudes – Beach, Hand & Bath Towels


Design © BluedarkArt

Beach Towels

Get some sun on our oversized, Artist-designed Beach Towels. And if you’re loving the print, it’s also available as a Hand or Bath Towel:

Hands and Bath Towels

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🌞 Sexy and Trendy Bikini for Summer Cool Vacation! BluedarkArt Designs 🌞

🌞 Sexy and Trendy Bikini for Summer Cool Vacation! 🌞

Designed by BluedarkArt

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Summer Women’s Tank Top! Fun and Cute! :) by BluedarkArt on Zazzle! 

New! Fun and Cute 🙂

Keep Calm and…Relax on Hammock! Parody Summer Women’s Tank Top!

Designed by BluedarkArt – Zazzle Store


About the Design:

Parody of the “Keep Calm and Carry on” Poster, here transformed in “Keep Calm and relax on Hammock”, with a fun Cartoon Character with big feet and big Hat, relaxing on a Hammock, drinking fresh Coconut water between two exotic Palm Trees. Originally created by BluedarkArt, on vector graphic art technique.  

About the Product:

Bold and expressive, this is the top that really blows all other tank tops out of the water. Printed, cut and then sewn just for you, it allows for a custom all-over print that other places can’t offer. Racerback with a relaxed drapey fit, it’s both feminine and flattering! Perfect for dressing up and dressing down, your new favorite tank awaits.

Source: http://www.zazzle.com/keep_calm_and_relax_on_hammock_tank_top-256682630901560266?

Ants Cartoon 3D Digital Art

Ants Cartoon 3d Characters © BluedarkArt

Licenses are available for sale on this Adobe Stock Gallery 🙂

Some Samples:

Formica Cartoon in Vacanza-Ant Cartoon Holidays-3d

Fomica che si Abbronza al Sole-Ant in the sun tans-3d

Formica in Cantiere di Lavoro-Worker Ant Cartoon 3d

Formica Operaio-Worker Ant Cartoon 3d

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Dreamy Wild Tropical Beach iPhone 6 case by BluedarkArt | Casetify

Dreamy Wild Tropical Beach

Dreamy Wild Tropical Beach iPhone 6 case by BluedarkArt | Casetify.

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☼ My Tropical Soul – Photography by BluedarkArt ☼

I Love Tropics. I was born on Tropics, lived on Tropics 🙂
I love the way the breeze blows in the palm trees leaves,
I love the bright colors of Nature,
I love the juicy, colorful and sweet Fruits,
I love the soft, warm sand under my bare feet,
I love the exotic and harmonious architectures,
the colorful clothes of people, the warm light of the sun,
I love exotic strange and beautiful animals,
and the many shades of blue and green that the Ocean offers to our eyes …!
And on my Travels, my camera is always with me! 🙂
I’ve collected here some of my Photos. They’re all on sell on my Portfolios! 🙂
Just click on the Photo You like, the links lead to the image You choosed!
Enjoy this Travel through these Colorful Images!
Strada Esotica di Palme-Palmtrees Exotic Street-2
Chiesa Creola delle Antille-Carribean Creole Church
Peaceful Bright Sunset on Exotic Caribbean Beach
Caribbean Creole Colorful Wooden House Style – Detail
Palm trees on Quiet Caribbean Seascape
Exotic Tropical Beach with Deckchairs and Parasol
Exotic Blue Lagoon Indian Ocean Coral Reef Seascape
Sunset on Tropical Beach
Wild Exotic Blue Paradise
Stunning Sunset on Exotic Beach
Peaceful Tropical Wild Caribbean Beach
Caribbean Quiet Little Bay
Exotic Caribbean Wild Beach 
Red Ginger torch – Amazing Tropical Red Flower
Purple Water Lily Flower
Heliconia Tropical Red Flower
Banana Tree Purple Flower
Exotic Red and Yellow Flower-Flamboyant
Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot
Come see more Photos on this Gallery on Fotolia, and this Gallery on Shutterstock
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Macro Photography by Bluelight 
Emanuele Marzocca – Photographer & Designer