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🦈 Shark Jaws Attack Tshirts 🦈

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Design © BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt

Shark Jaws Attac - Design © BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt


Soccer Ball Football Pattern Hand & Bath Towel SOLD! Thank You! ❤

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Funny, Cute, Creepy Christmas Cards 🎄 Society6 Shop by BluedarkArt

 🎄 Funny, Cute, Creepy Christmas Cards! 🎄

Society6 Shop – Designs © BluedarkArt

CHRISTMAS Designs Collection HERE

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Funny Christmas Reindeer Cartoon Stationery Cards

Evil Black Cat VS Christmas Tree Stationery Cards

Christmas Santa Black Skull Stationery Cards

Funny Christmas Santa and Reindeer Cartoon Stationery Cards

Reindeer Fun Christmas Cartoon with Bells Alarms Stationery Cards

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Thanksgiving Turkey Funny Scared and Running Cartoon Character Comforters

Pirate Skull, Ancient Guns, Flowers and Cannonballs Rug

Orca Killer Whale jumping out of Ocean Wall Tapestry

Black Panther Jungle Spirit Beach Towel

Snake Attack Psychedelic Art Sticker

Halloween Spooky Candies Party Unisex V-Neck

Dachshund Hot Dog Cute and Funny Character Tote Bag

Rasta Bongo Musician funny cool character Coffee Mug

Pumpkins and Autumn Leaves Party Cutting Board

Nautical Marine and Navy Equipment Pattern Floor Pillow

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Raven's Haunted Castle

Skull Witch Creepy Halloween

Skeletons Macabre Dance

Zombie Hands on Cemetery

Or this 🎄 CHRISTMAS & Co Collection 🎄

Funny Christmas Reindeer Carto...

Kitten Christmas Santa with Bi...

Evil Black Cat VS Christmas Tr...

Christmas Santa Black Skull

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All Designs on SHOP are under exclusive © BluedarkArt TheChameleonArt


SOLD! Ostrich Hawaii Fashion Funny Dudes – Beach, Hand & Bath Towels

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Ostrich Hawaii Fashion Funny Dudes – Beach, Hand & Bath Towels


Design © BluedarkArt

Beach Towels

Get some sun on our oversized, Artist-designed Beach Towels. And if you’re loving the print, it’s also available as a Hand or Bath Towel:

Hands and Bath Towels

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Fishes Illustrations © BluedarkArt

On Microsctocks (Licenses are available for sale)

Grumpy Fish Cartoon © BluedarkArt – GraphicRiver

Grumpy Fish Cartoon-Pesce Buffo Imbronciato

Grumpy Fish Cartoon © BluedarkArt – Adobe Stock

Pesce Verme e amo Cartoon-Fish Worm and Hook Background-Vector

Funny Fish, Worm and Hook © BluedarkArt – Adobe Stock

Pesce Cartoon con Maschera Sub-Funny Fish with Mask-Vector

Funny Fish with Snorkeling Mask © BluedarkArt – Adobe Stock

Psycho Fish Piranha

Psycho Fish Piranha © BluedarkArt – Adobe Stock

Pesce Cartoon-Cartoon Fish-2-Vector

Fish Cartoon © BluedarkArt – Adobe Stock

Pesce e Granchio Innamorati Cartoon Fish and Crab in Love-Vector

Fish and Crab in Love – Cartoon Characters © BluedarkArt – Adobe Stock

Fish Cartoon with Drink on Paper Cup

Fish Cartoon with Drink – Summer Holidays illustration © BluedarkArt – Adobe Stock


Grumpy Fish Cartoon Stickers – Design Copyright BluedarkArt – REDBUBBLE Shop


Grumpy Fish Cartoon Shower Curtains – Design Copyright BluedarkArt – SOCIETY6 Shop

Grumpy Fish Cartoon

Grumpy Fish Cartoon Shower Curtains – Design Copyright BluedarkArt – CAFEPRESS Shop

Psycho Fish Piranha

Psycho Fish Piranha with Bloody Bones Stickers – Design Copyright BluedarkArt – CAFEPRESS Shop

Psycho Fish Piranha with Bone T-Shirts – Design Copyright BluedarkArt – TEEPUBLIC Shop

All images, designs, illustration, photos, are under exclusive © BluedarkArt – Licenses are available for sale.

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Drawing, Sketching, Doodling… (◕‿-)

Recently I discovered a Cool App: MediBangPaint, and I had fun drawing and learning how it works 🙂

In some designs I created lately – as my Panda Baby Bear Cute and Happy – I used elements I drawn on MediBangPaintMediBang Paint

It’s a quite complete and intuitive App for quick scketches and Doodles, but also very complete considering is a free App for Window, Mac, Android, iPhone, with Layers, Masks, good collection of Brushes, Effects, and many other very useful functions that we, graphic artists and illustrators, use very frequently! 🙂

Here Little Video to show the App:

And here little scketches of mine:

I used this Bamboo Scketch for my Panda Baby Bear Cute and Happy  

Here’s is my Panda with the Bamboo Background:


This is the first quick scketch I’ve done of my Banana Chill was on MediBang. Then I re-drawn it because I wanted it to be a Vector Illuatrations:

The Original Medibang Sketch:

…and This is the Vector Illustration of my Banana Chill, which Licenses are available for sale:

Banana Chill Happy Summer Cartoon Character

I also added a Text, in a second version :

Banana Chill Happy Summer Cartoon Character with Text


And here are some other little scketches I did lately :

A vibrant Pattern

A Tree with Flower Flames

Our Dreamy Surreal World

Well, I am still learning about the multiple and interesting functions on the App, and…still having fun using it! 🙂

You can Download it HERE

Mandalas, Cats & Flowers Fantasy Pattern – Design by BluedarkArt

The New “Mandalas, Cats & Flowers Fantasy Pattern” Design

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The “Mandalas, Cats & Flowers Fantasy Pattern” on:

FOTOLIA (Here’s the original Vector Design)










This Elegant, Original Fantasy Pattern, looking like an unique patchwork, was created assembling mandalas, flowers, decorative elements, and cats’ shapes. All elements have been created separately on vector graphic art technique design, and assembled to compose the Fantasy Pattern. Design under exclusive BluedarkArt Copyright.


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All Designs, Graphics, Vector illustrations, are under Exclusive BluedarkArt Copyright.

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