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ArtsCase is an iPhone accessories company based in New York and Florida that produces printed iPhone Cases featuring Art and Designs, working along with Artists and Graphic Designers from different countries around the world. 
The Company was founded in 2012 as a manufacturer of Printed iPhone Cases with an artistic focus. Since then ArtsCase has specialized in Printed Cases for iPhone
In 2016 ArtsCase provides cases for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone SE. Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge   Also in 2016 The company produces 3 lines of products: The Designers Series, with printed cases for iPhone featuring the Art and Design of Artists and Graphic Designers from different countries. The StrongFit Series, with a Hard Polycarbonate Shell and a reinforced TPU for shock protection. The Clear Series, with a transparent TPU Case. 
ArtsCase also manufactures Screen Protectors for Flagship Phones
Working with Designers: 
ArtsCase works with Graphic Designers and Pattern Designers from all around the world, the company prints the Artists designs on the ArtsCase Designers Series and also features their Biography on, each Artists have their profile on where the customer can learn more about the them: Where they’re from origin, Backgrounds, Inspiration, Works.
Fulfillment for Designers: 
In 2015 ArtsCase launched the Designers Module, a separate website where any Artists can print their Art on the ArtsCase Designers Series Cases and sell it on any e-commerce or website they want. These Module is open for any Artist who would like to sell their art on iPhone cases not necessarily being part of the ArtsCase Team of Artists.





SOLD! Purple Fox Spirit Apple Watch Band – Design by BluedarkArt | Casetify

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Purple Fox Spirit Apple Watch Band

Design by BluedarkArt | Casetify Collection

Purple Fox Spirit Apple Watch Band – Design by BluedarkArt | Casetify

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♥ Love Gifts ♥ Video by BluedarkArt Designer

♥ Love Gifts ♥

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas by BluedarkArt Designer

Designs, Music, Video Copyright © BluedarkArt BluDarkMuse 

On this video You’ll see some Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas, all Designed by BluedarkArt, assembled here for You.

All Designs are Copyright BluedarkArt
– Soundtrack is a fragment of “ColoRythmics”, composed by BluDarkMuse – alias BluedarkArt – on SoundCloud :

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Plumerias Flowers Dream iPhone Case SOLD! Thank You! :)

Plumerias Flowers Dream iPhone & iPod Case by BluedarkArt | Society6.

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Plumerias Flowers Dream iPhone 6 Case

Love Hearts Doodle Art Pattern – NEW Design on Society6!

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“Love Hearts Doodle Art Pattern”

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