Magnificent Frigatebirds (Video by BluedarkArt)

The magnificent frigatebird (Fregata magnificens) is a seabird of the frigatebird family Fregatidae. With a length of 89–114 centimetres (35–45 in) and wingspan of 2.17–2.44 m (7.1–8.0 ft) it is the largest species of frigatebird. It occurs over tropical and subtropical waters off America, between northern Mexico and Ecuador on the Pacific coast and between Florida and southern Brazil along the Atlantic coast. There are also populations on the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific and the Cape Verde islands in the Atlantic.

The magnificent frigatebird is a large, lightly built seabird with brownish-black plumage, long narrow wings and a deeply forked tail. The male has a striking red gular sac which it inflates to attract a mate. The female is slightly larger than the male and has a white breast and belly. Frigatebirds feed on fish taken in flight from the ocean’s surface (often flying fish), and sometimes indulge in kleptoparasitism, harassing other birds to force them to regurgitate their food. [Wikipedia]


BluedarkArt (me):

💙 Freedom is priceless 😍💙 Amazing, majestic Frigate Birds – yesterday morning – In the silence of their flight we can feel the sound of the wind and the music of the ocean in our hearts😃 Sending goodvibes to You All, through the beautiful, elegant flight of these creatures 💙

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Colibri Madére – Hummingbird – Video © BluedarkArt

Red Hot Chilli Pepper Food Art – Work in Progress… Created on SmartPhone

Red Hot Chilli Pepper Food Art – Work in Progress… 

Created on SmartPhone

Workinprogress… 🌶️ Red Hot Chili Pepper Design 😍😋😉 Created on SmartPhone by TheChameleonart / BluedarkArt 🌶️
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Hummingbirds and Sugar Birds in my Garden ♥

Here are many Lovely Purple-throated carib Hummingbirds and Bananaquits (Sugar Birds) feeding in my Garden. They both love water with Cane Sugar

About These cute and lovely little guys ❤ :

Bananaquits occupy a wide variety of habitats, including lowland forests, farms, overgrown fields, parks and gardens. I’ve observed them with equal regularity along forest streams in Costa Rica and in the heart of Caracas,Venezuela.

Purple-throated carib Hummingbirds is a species of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae. It breeds on Antigua, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Montserrat, Saba, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Sint Eustatius.

Watch them, Relax, Enjoy! ❤ 😀

♥ Love Gifts ♥ Video by BluedarkArt Designer

♥ Love Gifts ♥

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas by BluedarkArt Designer

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On this video You’ll see some Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas, all Designed by BluedarkArt, assembled here for You.

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Fifty Shades of Love ♥ by BluedarkArt

A Tribute to Valentine’s Day, to Burning Lovers, Romantic Lovers…a Tribute to the only Real Feeling that can make move the Whole World! …if only Humans could realize that…

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Monsters Flash! Vector and 3d illustrations © BluedarkArt

This is a Collection of some of the MonstersUgly Creatures, Skulls, Zombies, etc…
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15 Seconds of FEAR! 😉

“We stopped checking for MONSTERS under the Bed when we realized they were INSIDE of US!” 😉

BluedarkArt’s Gifts Ideas on Society6 Shop

This a little preview of some Designs and Products on
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Women’s Dream – Graphics, Music, Video by BluedarkArt

A collage of beautiful, strange, mysterious and charming Women’s Portraits.

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Pattern Design


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Escape into the Wild

Escape into the Wild.

#Music, #Photography, #designs, #video by @BluedarkArt

Are You ready to start running on a #Jungle of #Colors, Images and #Rythm?

Let the rythmic images beat with Your Heart and with #Percussions and #Keyboards!

Follow me on an irresistible urge to flee, to escape from everyday life, habits, everything that stifles us and crush us …

an escape to the Jungle, to #Nature, to #Freedom! Run! Run! Let he beating of your Heart follow these #sounds, giving rythm to your running, and opening Your #Path to the Unknown, to a New #World, a Better World! Never give up!

…now, put on Your Headphones, turn the Volume up…and GO! Happy Earth Day!

Video / Photography / Designs / Illustrations by BluedarkArt

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