Mandalas, Cats & Flowers Fantasy Pattern – Design by BluedarkArt

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This Elegant, Original Fantasy Pattern, looking like an unique patchwork, was created assembling mandalas, flowers, decorative elements, and cats’ shapes. All elements have been created separately on vector graphic art technique design, and assembled to compose the Fantasy Pattern. Design under exclusive BluedarkArt Copyright.


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All Designs, Graphics, Vector illustrations, are under Exclusive BluedarkArt Copyright.

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About RedBubble Leggings

Cats have nine lives. People mostly just have the one. That hardly seems fair. But then cats don’t get to strut around in leggings all day, everyday, being awesome and ignoring outdated ‘social constructs’ about ‘pants’.

If you’ve only got one life to live, then you may as well make the most of it. And if that happens to involve some shiny, stretchy, lycra-clad good times then more power to you.

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Care Instructions

Play nice with your leggings and hand wash only. Do not dry clean, tumble dry or iron.

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