Namaste Yoga Symbol wallet SOLD! Thank You :)

Namaste Yoga Symbol wallet SOLD! Thank You :)

Hippie Peace Sign Trendy Tank Tops on DesignByHumans!

Hippie Peace Sign Trendy Tank Tops on DesignByHumans!

Hippie Groovy Peace Symbol iPhone 6 case on Casetify! :)

Hippie Groovy Peace Symbol iPhone 6 case on Casetify! :)

New Groovy Hippie Peace Symbol Design on Society6! :)

New Groovy Hippie Peace Symbol Design on Society6! :)

My New Shop! DesignByHumans :)

My Designs are now available on DesignByHumans!

Check out my Shop HERE! Thank You! :)

T-shirts, Tank Tops, Hoddies, Sweatshirts, Phone Cases, Art Prints!

Zombie Ghost Creepy Portrait Design

Zombie Ghost Creepy Portrait Sweatshirts

Zombie Ghost Creepy Portrait iPhone 6 Cases

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Namaste Floral Symbol Design

Namaste Floral Symbol Tank Tops

Namaste Floral Symbol Galaxy S4

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Rainbow Lorikeet Tropical Colors Explosion Design

Rainbow Lorikeet Tropical Colors Explosion T-Shirts

Rainbow Lorikeet Tropical Colors Explosion iPhone 5/5s

…and more Products on Shop!


Steampunk Heart Love Vintage Design

Steampunk Heart Love Vintage Sweatshirts

Steampunk Heart Love Vintage iPod Touch 5G

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The Golden Buddha Design

The Golden Buddha Tank Tops

The Golden Buddha iPhone 6 Plus

…and more Products on Shop!



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Redbubble launched Leggings! :)

Leggings are shiny, stretchy, and they come in a variety of colours, prints, and patterns from international designers. Whether you’re rocking cats prints, cartoon characters, or weird geometric shapes, the world is your lycra-clad playground…

Buy Leggings by BluedarkArt Designer! Thanks You :) !

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Om Aum Namaste Yoga Symbol Leggings

Yin Yang Symbol Psychedelic Art Design Leggings

Fun Black Cat Cartoon Scratching Wall Leggings

Psychedelic Groovy Leggings!

Mandala Psychedelic Art Design Leggings

Ethnic Colorful Pattern Africa Art Leggings

Marijuana Cannabis Leaves Pattern Leggings

Summer Sun Cartoon with Sunglasses Leggings

St Patrick Green Shamrocks Leggings

Fun and Cute Easter Eggs Cartoon 3d Leggings


About RedBubble Leggings

Cats have nine lives. People mostly just have the one. That hardly seems fair. But then cats don’t get to strut around in leggings all day, everyday, being awesome and ignoring outdated ‘social constructs’ about ‘pants’.

If you’ve only got one life to live, then you may as well make the most of it. And if that happens to involve some shiny, stretchy, lycra-clad good times then more power to you.

Speaking of good times; Redbubble’s leggings features an inter array of colours, prints, and patterns from international designers. Some even feature cats. It’s like the great circle of life. But for your legs…

  • Size: XXS-XL
  • Material: 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane (Xtra Life LYCRA®)
  • Full print front side and back side
  • Stretch waistband

Care Instructions

Play nice with your leggings and hand wash only. Do not dry clean, tumble dry or iron.

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Thank You! 

Shop my Art on the new Displate Gallery!

About Displate

Make Your Home Awesome

We are a manufacture specializing in creating exceptional Metal Posters. All the beautiful Displates that you see have been created by an amazing group of artists that are part of our community and whom you support by buying Displates.

Prints on Metal by Bluedarkart on Displate

Where Passion meets Design

The idea of spreading artworks designed by talented artists on this kind of a medium popped up in the minds of three creative friends who decided that the world needs more colour.

We are a team of young and energetic people for whom art & design is always a priority. All the members of our team are positively engaged in diverse kinds of artistic projects – from creating music to film directing. Every single day is a new challenge which motivates us to do even better and we really love it!

Woman Abstract Psychedelic Portrait Displate Metal Canvas

Printing on Metal is what we do Best

Since the moment we discovered metal as an ideal material to present artworks, we’ve dedicated our efforts to spread this type of a medium as much as possible. We believe in focusing on one thing and making it as best as possible, and that is what we do every day.

Steel used in the manufacture of our metal posters is thick and resistant to atmospheric conditions what guarantees durability and gives certainty that our Displates will serve you forever. Our unique mounting system with a magnet is extremely easy to use and permits any arrangement of the artworks in the interior. As we are really committed to providing our posters with the best quality, every Displate has its individual manufacture number, a signature of the Master of Production and a hologram.

Aztec Fantasy Toucan Displate Metal Canvas

Designed by Amazing Artists

Our biggest asset are the artists collaborating with our company – they are the life-blood of our manufacture. At the moment Displate gathers more than 1000 artistsfrom all over the world which makes us really proud. became a perfect platform for promoting those unusually talented people and their original and outstanding works.

Our team is like a big family in which everybody likes and supports each other – it’s all the easier as our work is also our real passion!

Chameleon Steampunk Vintage Displate Metal Canvas

Gold and Blue Macaw Flying Displate Metal Canvas

The Tiger at Rest Displate Metal Canvas

Many Thanks for Visiting my Galleries HERE! :)