SHOCKOLORS – Video, Graphics, Sound by BluedarkArt

We are made of Colors. Outside, inside Us.
Colors are on our Eyes and on our Souls.
We can see them or not. It’s our choice :)
On this Video I show a little gallery of some of my Designs, and products with my Designs, available on many shops! Check out BluedarkArt the Chameleon’s Blog to see more!


Designs, Video, Sound/Music are Copyright © BluedarkArt/BlueDarkMuse 
Title of the soundtrack : “Walking through New Happiness” by BluDarkMuse
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SOLD 2 Extended Licences on Fotolia – Cats! ㋡

I recently Sold these 2 Extended Licences on Fotolia!

Thanks a lot to the Buyer(s)! 

Copyright © BluedarkArt 

Cattish Cat Clip Art – Vector Graphics Copyright © BluedarkArt

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Almost 3700 images available! :)

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