Gold and Blue Macaw Fantasy Art Print SOLD! Thank You :)

Gold and Blue Macaw Fantasy Art Print SOLD! Thank You :)

Sold at Cafepress ~ Golden Buddha Necklace ☀ Thanks! :)

Sold at Cafepress ~ Golden Buddha Necklace ☀ Thanks! :)

NEW ‪Design on Tees‬! ❇ ‪Octopus‬ ‪‎Psychedelic‬ ‪Luminescence‬ ❇

NEW ‪#‎Tees‬! ❇ ‪#‎Octopus‬ ‪#‎Psychedelic‬ ‪#‎Luminescence‬ ❇ by...

3d Cute Easter Eggs Cartoon iPhone 6 case SOLD! Thank You! :)

3d Cute Easter Eggs Cartoon iPhone 6 case SOLD! Thank You! :)

Sunset on Exotic Beach Pillow – SOLD! Thank You :)

Sunset on Exotic Beach Pillow - SOLD! Thank You :)

Octopus – Black and White Vector illustration


An octopus is a cephalopod mollusc of the order Octopoda. It has two eyes and four pairs of arms and, like other cephalopods, it is bilaterally symmetric. An octopus has a hard beak, with its mouth at the center point of the arms. An octopus has no internal or external skeleton (although some species have a vestigial remnant of a shell inside their mantles), allowing it to squeeze through tight places.[4] Octopuses are among the most intelligent and behaviorally flexible of allinvertebrates.

Octopuses inhabit many diverse regions of the ocean, including coral reefs, pelagic waters, and the ocean floor. They have numerous strategies for defending themselves against predators, including the expulsion of ink, the use of camouflage and deimatic displays, their ability to jet quickly through the water, and their ability to hide. An octopus trails its eight arms behind it as it swims. All octopuses are venomous, but only one group, the blue-ringed octopus, is known to be deadly to humans.[5]

Around 300 species are recognized, which is over one-third of the total number of known cephalopod species. The term ‘octopus’ may also be used to refer specifically to the genusOctopus. [read more HERE]

Octopus Vector Illustration ©BluedarkArt  is available for Sale on Fotolia

Vector Octopus by Bluedarkart – on Fotolia

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Chameleon Psychedelic Metal Poster SOLD! on Displate ✽ Thank You! :)

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Amazing Chameleons! :)

Chameleons or chamaeleons (family Chamaeleonidae) are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of old world lizards. The approximately 180 species of chameleon come in a range of colours, and many species have the ability to change colours. Chameleons are distinguished by their zygodactylous feet; their very long, highly modified, rapidly extrudable tongues; their swaying gait; and crests or horns on their distinctively shaped heads. Most species, the larger ones in particular, also have a prehensile tail. Chameleons’ eyes are independently mobile, but in aiming at a prey item, they focus forward in coordination, affording the animal stereoscopic vision. Chameleons are adapted for climbing and visual hunting. They are found in warm habitats that range from rain forest to desert conditions, various species occurring in Africa, Madagascar, southern Europe, and across southern Asia as far as Sri Lanka. They also have been introduced to Hawaii, California, and Florida, and often are kept as household pets. [Read more on Wikipedia]

Chameleon Psychedelic Rainbow Colors Metal posters – by BluedarkArt – on Displate

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